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If you have inherited coins or have a collection with little knowledge of its value, perhaps it is time for an appraisal. Numismatic appraisals are legal, enforceable valuations of money/tokens/exonumia when performed by a qualified appraiser. A “qualified appraiser” has been educated in and understands valuation theory, is skilled in valuing the subject of a specific appraisal, is knowledgeable in the variety of factors that influence valuation, and is capable of synthesizing all pertinent data into a format that can easily be understood

An appraiser adheres strictly to a Code of Ethics.

Be sure to select an appraiser who is a member of a recognized numismatic organization.

American Numismatic Association #120878.



The Ye Old Coin Shop offers free verbal opinions of up to 3 items at no cost. Oral evaluations and formal professional appraisals have fees. Evaluations are usually the non-binding estimate of total value. The cost of a paid oral evaluation is $30 per hour with a one-hour minimum.


We are professional numismatists. Appraisal agreement required. See link below.

Whatever your need, we will be happy to help. We gladly look over your Excel list and make suggestions at no cost.

If your intention is to sell, we offer a cursory oral evaluation of up to 20 items delivered to us at no charge to you. An evaluation is an informal opinion and is not considered an appraisal. There is no written itemization of each item.

Should you have something that the Ye Old Coin Shop needs or wants, we may make you a limited- time offer for some or part of your collection. You are under no obligation to sell nor are we obligated to buy. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the client. Because of our fairness, the YE OLD COIN SHOP has never needed to return coins mailed to us for appraisal.

An informal appraisal can be given with limited, written documentation. This cost is $30 an hour with a minimum cost of $90 We may give an estimate of our time determined by the amount of research expected. A client can state a maximum time limit. If reached, we will provide our notes up to that point. These notes may be hand-written.

A professional appraisal, suitable for insurance, probate courts, etc., will be prepared with as much documentation as the purpose may require. The cost for a large collection can be substantial, again based on hours spent on research. Time spent for an appraisal largely depends on:

  • Coin or paper money type
  • Rarity
  • Condition
  • Mint

Professional appraisal fee:

$30 per hour if for limited use
(minimum charge – $150)

$75 per hour for detailed documentation
often required for legal or probate purposes.(Minimum charge – $250).

If you do not live within a reasonable driving distance, shipping coins is acceptable.

Packages should be securely boxed as well as insured and/or registered. Though not required, it is recommended that clients provide an inventory, or at least a good photograph, of the collection. This prevents any future misunderstanding.

Coins can be extremely heavy. Occasionally we travel for “in-home” appointments.

We can also meet at our bank in Blairsville, Georgia, or possibly at your banking institution.

If personally delivering collections to YOCS, appointments are always required.

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Download the Appraisals Agreement from here.